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Digital Hair Simulator

Learn, practice, and experiment with hairstyling techniques in a real-time environment. Explore diverse styles risk-free before serving real clients.

Real Hair Behavior

360° Model Approach in Real-Time

Diverse Hairstyling Toolkit

Built with love by hairstyling and 3D technology experts

Who is DHS for?

Students &

DHS lowers a barrier for entry anyone interested in hairstyling, and helps students practice various techniques without fear of mistakes.


Hairdressers use DHS for customer consultations, building portfolios of client hairstyles, and experimenting with innovative ideas.


Salon Franchises and Beauty Academies make their training programs more efficient with DHS and cut costs on Mannequin Heads and other consumable material.


Breaking barriers in hairstyling

No more asking friends to be guinea pigs for the sake of fashion

To try out new haircuts, you’ve had to rely on customers, friends & family or mannequin dolls. DHS removes that frustrating barrier and helps you stay in line with latest fashion trends without leaving your phone or tablet.

An artist is only as good as his tools

Engage with hair just like you would in real life. DHS puts a full stylist's toolkit right at your fingertips. You have a complete control and freedom to experiment and express your unique style.

  • Virtual Mannequin Doll Head 

  • Cutting and coloring

  • Modeling and dying

  • Curling and straightening

  • Hairstyling toolkit

Immersive and focus mode

Immerse yourself in a bustling salon ambiance or opt for distraction-free styling. Choose the atmosphere that suits your mood and enhances your creativity.


What our users say about DHS

Very well done. As real

haircut needs lot of time

to learn, here, you can

take your time to

understand what happens

if you start with one or

another way. I love the


User: hus8tler

Good but not enough.

Pleaase make it geometric

3d like hair diagram can

parting it and use section

parting. I can use this tool

to test my ideal in vidal

sasoon cutting system.

User: Bá học nguyễn

Potential. The clipper

option is off scewed and

takes chunks out, a clipper

length to allow barber

fading. bear grooming.

templates of selecting hair

according to zone. such as

Halo, Horse Shoe, ect.

Tutorials for cuts such as

Bob, A cut, Symetrical ect.

Ethnic hair, and braiding

woud be legit. the clipper

fading is what would be

awesome though!! Great

simulator cant wait for the


User: Kaleb Charlie

Hair is part of your identity and DHS helps you shape it like never before

Explore diversity and hairstyles you would've never dared otherwise. Inspire others with your creations. Possibilities are limitless, so is your hairstyling potential.

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